Behind the mirror

What are your feelings? Your desires?

What are your ambitions, passions, dreams?

What are your hobbies?

Is there a garment you like to wear more than others?

Are you classical or sporty? Romantic or fashionista?

How do you spend your evenings?

Have you just become mom?

Let’s talk together. I’d like to understand you all the way.

Ok – let’s start looking for your colour.


Looking for your color

It is our starting point. Your colours are written inside you, they must be identified and declined in every form of your life and posture.

Each of us has a “palette”, a range of colours assigned by nature.

Just wear them, and perform them every day. In clothes, makeup, accessories.

I will guide you both in their discovery and in everyday use.

You will shine at every hour of day and evening. All time.

Now let’s concentrate on your face. Follow me.


The mirror of the soul

The eyes are the most important mirrors of all, because they reflect the soul.

And the smile is the first thing you notice in a person.

We will discover the perfect cut and colour for your hair, which is the face frame.

We will study your makeup in harmony with your natural colours.

And we will complete it with the glasses and the jewels that fit you the most.

You are taking shape… do you see how you are shining?

Let’s proceed. Come here. In front of the mirror.



In front of the mirror

Let’s analyze your figure and start from your nowadays style.

We will find that there isn’t always harmony between you and the clothes you wear.

Your style must get down to your character and interiority, in line with your personal and professional commitments.

“Style”, of course, doesn’t just mean clothing. Style is also handbags, shoes and accessories.

It also means turning your weak points into plus points.

Now you’re ready to… look inside your cupboard.


In front of the cupboard

The wardrobe: cross and delight for every woman.

But now for you it will be delight only. Because you’ve got and interpreted yourself right.

We will rearrange your wardrobe, partly rediscovering the value of the clothes you already have, and partly renewing it.

We’ll see how you can best wear your clothes and accessories every day, depending on the occasion.

And remember – relying on your natural colours, every choice, every approach, every nuance will be a success.

Come with me, let’s look at your outfits.

Is there anything missing?


Is something missing?

If necessary, we will complete your wardrobe by choosing what you still need.

Short and long dresses, for day and evening, suits or pantsuits, mismatched suits, jeans, tops, t-shirts, outerwear…

And then shoes – the true passion of every woman. With or without heel, open-toe or not, pumps, court or sporty shoes, summer, winter and mid-season footwear…

And there’s more – accessories: bags, jewelry, bijoux, gloves, scarves, headdresses…

The choice will be easy. Now we have all the codes of your style, of your colours, of yourself.

We’ll just follow them, and the right clothing will come on its own.