Cocktail party

A cocktail party assesses you as an elegant and refined guest.

You have to duly consider the venue – which hasn’t necessarily to be public. The garden of a private home is often the best choice indeed.

You need to structure it and liven it with sensitivity.

You have to select a proper catering and choose the music accompaniment.

It’s a joyous opportunity, perfect for celebrating an engagement, a birthday, a career advancement.

Dressing code is important in these cases, and you are the one appointed to set an example.

Imagine yourself in a nice chiffon dress up to your knee.

Your joy to have around so many dear people will make you shine.

Together we will see everything: from the general project to the smallest details, including makeup and accessories.


Private dinner

A recurrence, an event, a simple desire to get together: private dinner is a “bouquet” event and may sort out even unexpectedly.

Your relatives or friends, reunited at the same table, share with you conversation, memories, feelings.

You are the landlady, the style is up to you.

Want to think of all this with me?

We will see everything, from the choice of venue and banqueting to details such as menus and table linen according to your preferences.

We will finalize the dressing code and, before that, we will fix the “tone” of the evening.

Dinner can be casual or formal, gourmet or rustic, just as you prefer.

And your clothing, your allure, will come as a result.

One thing you can be sure of: you will be wonderful and happy.


Family rendezvous

It is always solemn when the family meets up.

The core of your life is reunited, and you have the opportunity to show your affection by organizing something really important.

There are so many factors to consider: the number of participants, their age, any special needs, differences in habits and preferences.

But you will know how to stand out as well.

By expressing your own style – unique, just like you.

I stay at your disposal to design the whole event. And of course we will talk about your look, which can be formal or casual, but always elegant and up to the situation.


A gift to a friend

Do you want to present to a friend a truly exclusive gift?

Something original and tailored for her?

Then offer her a style afternoon with your image consultant.

A funny and dedicated time, reserved or open to other friends who could participate as spectators.

In any case, it’s a gift that means I love you.

Or do you prefer a group gift? One afternoon together, you and me, to find out “whose colour you are on”.

A perfect idea for a birthday, for a special occasion, or – why not – even as a Christmas gift.


In the backstage of the big fashion (exclusive)

Very few have the privilege of seeing the creation of high fashion products.

How is a shoe made? How are purses or clutch bags produced?

Have you ever had the curiosity to witness the production of the accessories women desire the most?

Well, today you have this opportunity.

We can organize a truly exclusive event for you and your friends, in the showroom and in the laboratories of one of the world’s most sought-after fashion-makers, in the heart of Milan’s historic centre.

You will find overwhelming pieces: for example, the clutch worn by Grace Kelly during the Academy Awards ceremony of 1953, when she was awarded as Best Actress. Or a photo of Queen Elizabeth with one of the clutches made here.

The owners will kindly accompany us in an unforgettable and exciting tour along the backstage.


For boutiques

Do you have a boutique and want to treat your customers with a tailored event?

I suggest an afternoon or an aperitif in your shop, with the advice of the image consultant.

A truly unique moment, which adds value to your relationship with customers and enhances the collections you display.

Alternatively, we can arrange an afternoon or an aperitif, dedicated to customers, to find out “whose colour they are on”.

It’s a journey through the “fan” of colours that nature has assigned to each of us, in all their gradations and shades. To be worn and interpreted every day with pleasure and elegance.

An original idea to give your boutique the charm of uniqueness.