The bridesmaids

Your bridesmaids are entrusted with an important task: to be close to you and to help you.

They will soften your apprehensions, guiding you, as hand in hand, to your love date.

Their outfit is very important, both to emphasize their role and to make them feel comfortable.

Obviously, the spotlight is all for you.

But this doesn’t mean at all you can’t make your maids solar and shining, especially thanks to the magic that will be established among you, whereby part of your joy will be reflected on them, and some of theirs will light you.

I stay at your disposal to enhance this fairytale by finding the best path for each one.

Your best friends

If there is a day when friendship goes to the stratosphere, this is just that.

“One of us” crowns her dream and begins a new life, among the smiles and the affection of her friends of a lifetime.

Your wedding is their time to look more elegant and sought-after, in homage to you, to your groom and to the feeling between you all.

And here I am for them too: I’ll guide them in choosing a personal outfit, appropriate to them as well as to the occasion, brilliant but not flashy.

An outfit that gets to be remembered and not just noticed.

An outfit expressing the joy of being with you, for you and next to you.